(Pocket-lint) - We are going to come right off the bat here and say that if you haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet look away now. Go immediately elsewhere as the following video is so full of spoilers you could technically save yourself a trip to the cinema and just watch the following 10 minutes.

You don't want to do that though, you'd be missing out on one of our favourite films for some time. And a triumphant return for the franchise.

Instead, if you have already seen The Force Awakens and want to know how certain scenes and aspects were made, the video posted on Vimeo by Michael Desiderio features an excellent collection of before and after shots of how the digital effects were added.

The works of Industrial Light & Magic and other affiliated digital effects studios are featured, and there are sections shown from just about every major event in the movie.

Reportedly, JJ Abrams initially set out to restrict the amount of green screen studio work required to make the film, but it seems that he had to succumb in many instances. However, some of the digital overlays are staggering in their complexity. And this video is of high enough quality that we suspect we'll see it pop up on a Blu-ray release some time in the not too distance future.

So enjoy. But only if you've seen the film first. This is your last warning.

Writing by Rik Henderson.