Best Back to the Future gadgets and memorabilia you're ever likely to see

For the true BTTF fan, we've rounded up a selection of the best Back to the Future gadgets you could have owned over the last few years.  (image credit: Nike | Mashable)
ThinkGeek was authorised to sell small versions of the Flux Capacitor in USB car charger form. (image credit: ThinkGeek)
In 2015, Pepsi got in on the action for Back to the Future day by crafting a limited run of Pepsi Perfect bottles. (image credit: Amazon)
If you're the owner of an iPad Mini (any of the first four generations), you can buy a copy of Grays Sports Almanac. (image credit: Firebox)
Japanese toy company Bandai expanded its Crazy Case series to include a Back to the Future: Part II-inspired iPhone 6 case. (image credit: Bandai)
The DeLorean Motor Company made an electric version of its classic car in 2015. No flux capacitor though. (image credit: Delorean)
Back in 2014, if you had $700 lying around then you could purchase a custom ZBoard Hoverboard and shoes to match.  Not a real hoverboard but still awesome. (image credit: Zboard)
Why not grab yourself a classic clock radio for your bedroom. It's still possible to buy the Panasonic Model RC-6015 if you're lucky. (image credit: Back to The Future - Wikia)
Several decades after the first movie's release, this hat has likely remained a fan-favourite among viewers of all ages. (image credit: ThinkGeek)
Sadly this one is not exactly a working gadget. It's just a toy, or a prop, rather. It therefore doesn't convert normal household waste into energy. (image credit: ThinkGeek)
If you really love the Back to the Future films, then you need a Back to The Future box set. And this one has it all. (image credit: Amazon)
OK, so you can't actually buy this one. but people have crafted their own Back to the Future clocks. (image credit: Adafruit)
Back in like 2011, Nike introduced a Marty McFly-inspired, light-up shoe called Nike Air Mag. (image credit: Nike | Mashable)
Owning an action figure of the loveable character is the closest you'll come to being that cool.  (image credit: NECA/Amazon)