(Pocket-lint) - October 21 2015 marks the 30 anniversary of the first Back To the Future movie and the time that the Marty McFly goes to in the future in the second movie.

To celebrate the fact, Universal is releasing a new Blu-ray and DVD trilogy boxset for fans keen to enjoy the movies once again.

With that re-release, Christopher Lloyd, has returned as the mad-capped professor in a new short exclusive to the trilogy box set.

Titled Back to the Future - Doc Brown Saves The World, the 45 second teaser doesn't give much away, but shows Doc Brown getting out of the DeLoren time machine (slightly different from the one destroyed at the end of Back To the Future III) before talking to a drone that is keen on activating "Auto visual tracking".

What happens in the short, and what Doc Brown has to do to save the world is yet to be seen, however it will be out on the 21 October so we shouldn't have long to wait.

Two episodes of the short-lived animated spin-off will also feature on the DVDs.

It's not the first time Christopher Lloyd has reprised the role. He turns up as a fun extra in A Million Ways to Die in the West and is one of the new characters in Lego Dimensions alongside Marty McFly. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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