Comic-Con in San Diego is underway, and so that means a lot of new trailers.

Some of our most-anticipated series and movies are debuting trailers this week. AMC just premiered the sixth-season trailer for The Walking Dead, for instance. It's a 4-minute-long clip that shows snippets of how Rick and the gang are dealing with the new community in the aftermath of what happend at the end of last season.

We see Rick covered in blood and acting either really righteous or almost insane throughout the trailer, and every character seems to be reacting to his decisions and actions. It's a mystery as to where the story might be headed this season too, because it's departing from the comic books drastically in many ways.

The new season is slated to kick off with a 90-minute episode on 11 October. AMC also announced a Talking Dead season six preview special for 23 August, which many think will help pave the way for a spinoff series, called the Fear the Walking Dead, since it is premiering on AMC the very same day.

Watch the season six trailer below.

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