(Pocket-lint) - Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for the Steve Jobs film penned by Aaron Sorkin, and it just so happens to also be the first extended look, giving us a glimpse at what we can expect when movie finally premieres.

The first trailer, which wasn't as revealing as the new one, debuted in May. Nearly three months later, we've been given a 3-miniute clip that shows actor Michael Fassbender completely stepping into the role of Steve Jobs, Apple's late CEO and co-founder. If you had any doubts before about his casting, you won't any more.

Although we only see Fassbender for brief moments, it is easy to see how he managed to capture Jobs persona, charisma, and everything. Yes, he looks nothing like Jobs in real-life, but this latest trailer proves that it doesn't really matter, as acting isn't primarily about looks. That said, we still haven't seen the whole movie.

The final verdict will be known in October, when the film opens. It's been a long time coming, considering Sony Pictures acquired the rights to Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography years ago. The project has since changed studios, directors, and stars. Everyone from Christian Bale to Leo DiCaprio were rumoured for the lead.

The film, directed by Danny Boyle, ultimately stars Fassbender as Jobs, which is a choice even Sorkin took issue with at one point. It also has Seth Rogen, Kate Winslet, and Jeff Daniels and is supposed to consist of three segments about the executive's biggest product launches: the Macintosh, NeXT, and the iMac.

Writing by Elyse Betters.