The Popcorn Time movie streaming service has been dealt a blow by the UK courts. It has been announced as illegal and will be blocked by UK internet service providers.

Popcorn Time currently lets anyone watch torrent files over the internet by streaming so the files aren't actually downloaded.

The UK courts have ruled that Popcorn Time is used for unlawful purposes and the major ISPs will be required to block it. Sky, BT, EE, TalkTalk and Virgin Media will all need to block the service in the same way they do with Bittorrent sites like The Pirate Bay.

This means blocks will appear on,,, and soon. But since it's a P2P service this shouldn't actually affect anybody who is already using the software. This is something Popcorn Time's team are aware of and want to exploit.

The ruling hasn't deterred Popcorn Time which says: "We're working full force now even more than ever on making Popcorn Time fully P2P and soon the software will not be depended on any domain or centralised server to operate."

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