(Pocket-lint) - 4DX cinemas aim to offer the most immersive movie experience on the planet, and it's just got even more real with the addition of rain, snow and warm air.

The 4DX cinemas already offer a dazzling sensory experience with smells pumped into the room along with moving,vibrating and even prodding and tickling chairs. Now the weather should be even more real with these new additions.

Currently 4DX offers motions, water, fog, wind, air, lightning, bubbles, ticklers scents and vibrations. So adding warm air, snow and rain sounds like a slight variation on what's already available.

The new effects should help to add realism to on-screen floods, explosions, earthquakes, tornados and fires. These effects will be used in summer movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Furious 7 and San Andreas.

How the rain and snow will affect the person in the cinema is unclear but we'd imagine wearing a coat might be a good idea.

While this announcement was made at CinemaCon the individual cinemas which will get this have not been specified, yet.

4DX was recently launched in the UK at the Milton Keynes Cineworld with plans to roll it out nationwide in place for this year.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.