(Pocket-lint) - Owners of 4K Ultra HD TVs do have some content available for them, through video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube, but there have been no announcements about TV channels broadcasting in the format beyond specific trials.

There is one channel though, which has started to broadcast an Ultra HD demo service in the UK and Ireland. SES is a global satellite company that has been broadcasting the demo 4K footage in South Africa and it can now be picked up over here.

There's one catch however, you will need kit that can pick up Astra satellite signals to get it.

According to IPTV News, you need an Ultra HD TV with an integrated satellite tuner inside and HEVC decoding ability. The signal can be received on a standard satellite dish though, so that's something.

If you do have the right equipment, you'll be able to tune into the 4K demonstration broadcast through the Astra satellite at 28.2 degrees east.

The demo channel features 4K footage of sports, animals and cityscapes. It's designed for retailers and installers to show off the benefits of Ultra HD, but could also be used by those in the home to see the capabilities of their new TV prior to an official UK 4K service being launched.

Writing by Rik Henderson.