Ultra HD should be synonymous with CES by now. Television manufacturers continue to push the trend and then show off their innovations at the show. Sharp is one such example, having just unveiled a new TV this week that goes "beyond 4K".

Called the Aquos Beyond 4K UHD TV, Sharp told Pocket-lint that the 80-inch TV set features a pixel-splitting technology. This allows for a higher resolution than most 4K sets can achieve, and it even gets the image quality closer to 8K (or 16 times HDTV resolution).

Sharp's show floor at CES was pretty dark, making it hard for us to get a good look at the new TV, but from what we could tell, it's mighty pretty. Those 66 million subpixels looked great and super vivid in person. We just want to throw our money at Sharp, essentially.

sharp s 80 inch beyond 4k tv is actually more like an 8k tv image 8

The 7,680-x-4,320 picture had brilliant LED backlighting too, which helped to widen the colour range, but we'll be honest: once you start getting to 8K, it's really hard to tell the difference in detail between that and 4K.

Sharp hasn't announced pricing, but it is set to launch later this year.