The year is almost over. And that means it's time to look back at 2014's top moments - or in this case, the top pirated films.

Variety has published a complete listing of all the films that were among the most illegally downloaded during the year. The data, which piracy-tracking firm Excipio published, was collected between 1 January and 23 December 2014.

What did torrent downloaders want to see - but not pay for - the most? The full list includes Oscar-nominated films as well as blockbuster titles from a wide-gamut of genres including superhero, sci-fi, fantasy, and action.

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Here’s the most pirated films of 2014, along with the number of times they were downloaded:

1. The Wolf of Wall Street (30.035 million)
2. Frozen (29.919 million)
3. RoboCop (29.879 million - including 2014 and 1987 version)
4. Gravity (29.357 million)
5. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (27.627 million)
6. Thor: The Dark World (25.749 million)
7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (25.628 million)
8. The Legend of Hercules (25.137 million)
9. X-Men: Days of Future Past (24.380 million)
10. 12 Years a Slave (23.653 million)

The following films - in order - were also pirated a lot: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, American Hustle, 300: Rise of an Empire, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Godzilla, Noah, Divergent, Edge of Tomorrow, Captain Phillips, and Lone Survivor.

One of the most familiar types of piracy is the illegal copying and distribution of movies.

It isn't a crime to download a movie if you pay for it or have permission...but it is otherwise. Piracy is considered a serious problem not only because it deprives the team behind the film of income but also because it is intellectual property theft and a copyright violation.

Pirated movies are typically made by someone “camcording” a film while in a movie theatre or obtaining a "screener" of the yet-to-be-released DVD and posting it online in the form of a digital torrent file.

Anyone with both a computer and internet access can download free torrents. (Thus, anyone can also watch pirated films at home).