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(Pocket-lint) - Although HBO has been working on an in-house streaming service, it has canceled the project, outsourced the work, and hopes to ready a standalone streaming service by spring, it's claimed.

Fortune has reported that HBO shelved its in-house project, codenamed Maui, because it realised Otto Berkes, HBO’s chief technology officer, couldn’t pull it off. Since Fortune published its story on 9 December, Berkes has resigned from the premium cable network, according to Variety.

HBO is still readying an over the top service though, which would allow you to subscribe to HBO without buying a traditional cable package. It is also reportedly licensing software from MLB Advanced Media - used by MLB.com, the WWE Network, and WatchESPN - to offer the service.

HBO will launch its new service "in line with the Game of Thrones season premiere", which is slated to return on 6 April. Keep in mind Richard Plepler, HBO's chief executive officer, also announced in October that HBO would debut a streaming version of its network in 2015.

At the time, The Wrap had claimed HBO's new service would be an extension of HBO Go, an online video service that offers a selection of HBO films and TV shows. According to Fortune however, the new service seems like it will be separate from HBO Go.

Fortune's report wasn't clear about what might happen to HBO Go, though it noted HBO does not want to be seen as "chasing after Netflix".

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Writing by Elyse Betters.