(Pocket-lint) - Winter is coming, so you know what that means, the other type of winter is coming back in the form of a new season for Game of Thrones. Series 4 might be coming but it's still a wait so its creators have released some concept art to keep fans excited.

To be exact it's a German studio who has been working with HBO on Game of Thrones since it started that's decided to release the art work. Be warned there are definitely spoilers in this lot. That said they're not obvious to those that haven't read the books, who spoilers shouldn't really affect anyway.

The Game of Thrones season 4 art, from the Karakter team that creates it, has already won an Emma Award and this season its taken on even more staff to improve ever further.

If this art isn't enough to stave off the pain of waiting for season 4, fret not. Telltale Games has been teasing its game of the series which is due to be unveiled this year, in time for Christmas. What the game entails specifically still isn't clear but Game of Thrones is the perfect material for a gaming company that socialises in decision making, socially focused story development.

To check out the complete gallery look below, but be warned once more there are spoilers.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.