(Pocket-lint) - With the rise in TV screen sizes and dropping of prices you could be forgiven for thinking that true home cinema was a dying fad. Everyone can have a massive screen these days, with a virtual surround sound system to enhance the audio experience. However, just take a look at any of these set-ups and you'll be re-evaluating your kit selection once more.

Genuine home cinema and entertainment installations are far more than a telly and a soundbar, often lovingly crafted over time by experts who are often given the seemingly impossible task of making a strangely shaped room sound as good as a theatre. And CEDIA, the organisation behind the installation industry, likes to give the best rooms and projects credit in its annual awards, producing a yearbook in the process that is filled to the brim with innovation for mere mortals like us to ogle over and dream of what can be.

A hard cover version of the 2014 25th anniversary yearbook is available for pre-order now at £35 for non-CEDIA members (£25 otherwise), but as a sneak peek Pocket-lint presents a gallery of some of the winners and those that were highly commended in several of the main categories. They'll either give you inspiration for your own set-ups or send you into a fit of despair, knowing that you'll never quite make a flatscreen telly look quite so at home.

Mind you, you could always give one of the winners a call...

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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