Finally a solid state 4K disc is on its way bringing Ultra High Definition movies and TV shows via Blu-ray in time for Christmas 2015.

The Blu-ray Disc Association has told Pocket-lint that it has cracked the art of cramming 4K UHD content onto current Blu-ray discs.

That will mean you could soon be buying Blu-ray movies in 4K that will be able to play via your PS4.

Currently Netflix is the main supplier of 4K with its high-quality streaming offerings. Amazon Prime Instant Video should also be streaming in full 4K quality by October.

Once Blu-ray gets on the 4K bandwagon it's only a matter of time before broadcasters follow and UHD video is readily available. That will mean buying a 4K TV is finally a worthwhile move – it should also hopefully mean prices of 4K TVs drop as sales numbers increase.

Currently one reason 4K is lacking, despite most films and TV shows being shot in 4K, is distribution over broadcast. It's proving difficult to condense the huge amounts of information 4K requires in order to send it over current broadcasting hardware.

Many broadcasters seem to be waiting for the medium to take off before investing in the 4K revolution. Hopefully 4K Blu-ray sales, and consequent TV sales, will show them its popularity and they can spend some money on making 4K broadcast happen. That or a new compression algorithm will be created in time to cram 4K down current broadcast pipelines.

Expect 4K Blu-ray discs to start appearing as early as September 2015.

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