(Pocket-lint) - Haier has announced a new TV that could change the way we look at high price gadget purchases. Its modular TV will allow people to upgrade their television as new technology becomes available. All that and it's a health tracker too.

Samsung announced a range of Evolution Kit TVs a few years back which could be upgraded, but that was merely referring to the processors. The new Haier modular TV will even be able to have the screen upgraded, according to the press release.

People who don't want to commit to buying a 4K TV while content is still rare could buy a standard 1080p TV and upgrade the panel at a later date.

The TV also comes with smart health monitoring features. While it's unlikely the TV itself will measure your vitals it sounds like it will have an ability to connect to smart health sensors on wearables and phones. Presumably this is so that people can see their health readouts on the big screen – perhaps even being notified when they've sat for too long and need to get their step counter working.

We've contacted Haier for more details on this rather cryptic TV release and will update when we hear more.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.
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