If you've not seen the fourth series of Game of Thrones then you'd best leave this page now. For those of you up to speed on the show, you're in for a video treat.

Video editor and general joker Ozzy Man has uploaded a Game of Thrones edit that replaces the audio with old game sound bites. From 8-bit effects to vocal cries in games as far back as the late eighties, he's managed to make it entertaining and funny.

Ozzy Man doesn't give away the games used in the video but we've managed to pick a few choice cuts out. There's plenty of Mario in there with coin collection, brick smashing and jump sound effects. We definitely spotted a Sonic coin collection effect in there too. One of our favourites has to be the Doom door sound effect as Little Finger pushed Lysa down through the Moon Door.

Of course there's also a bit of Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct in there as well as Zelda. We didn't spot these but Ozzy Man mentioned on his Facebook that there was also use of Donkey Kong, California Games and Digger T. Rock at the end.

This edit must have taken quite some time so we really appreciate the hard work. While any Game of Thrones edit is a good thing this video is great.

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