Popcorn Time, the Netflix for torrent movies, has just added new features including the ability to fling directly to a TV with Chromecast.

Owners of a Chromecast dongle and Windows PC will be able to stream torrented movies directly on their TV if they download the Popcorn Time alpha. The update has also added better security to help cover a user's tracks.

Support for Mac and Android working with Chromecast is also on its way and should be available in an update due in the coming weeks.

Popcorn Time is proving popular thanks to its Netflix style layout and its ability to delete files and clean-up after you've finished streaming the torrent. Of course it still has glitches like poor quality files, but for the price of exactly nothing at all it's hard to complain.

Windows users can download the Popcorn Time alpha with Chromecast support here, or a more stable build without Chromecast support here.

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