British manufacturer Titan has launched the world's largest television at four times the size of the current biggest, making it the size of a football goal.

The Zeus television from Titan is the world's first £1 million TV, which has already had two pre-sold. The screens are made for indoor use but are also engineered for outdoor use even in bright sunlight, says Zeus.

The largest of the range is an over-bearing 370-inches, or 8 metres by 5 metres. The mega screens are being launched ahead of the World Cup presumably in the hope that companies will snap them up for public displays.

We would certainly be tempted to pay extra to visit a pub with one of these big screens in the garden. Imagine the bright screen and vivid colours in daylight, compared to pale projectors currently on offer.

The Titan Zeus sports 65 million colours and weighs in at almost a tonne. And, of course it displays is full 4K quality. Since the World Cup isn't being aired in 4K this will rely on upscaling for UK viewing.

Titan also creates 1000-inch "mid-range" screens for £150,000. The cost of the £1 million screen includes installation and delivery in a custom built Hummer.

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