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(Pocket-lint) - Fans who can't get a ticket for the World Cup in Brazil starting in June will still be able to watch matches in ultra high definition in the streets of Rio.

It will ultimately be of more interest to the locals than England fans, considering that one of the matches to be screened in 4K will be the World Cup final itself. But there is a possibility that the quarter final match Sony is filming in UHD could feature a young and defiant England team.

As previously revealed by Sony, three matches will be filmed in 4K this time around, with one second-round match making up the numbers, and they will all be shown in the Jardim Botanico neighbourhood on dedicated 65-inch UHD TVs.

The matches are to be shown live locally by Brazillian broadcaster Globo in cooperation with Sony.

It has already been revealed that the 4K footage will also be used in a released movie about the 2014 World Cup after the tournament has ended. It will be distributed online through 4K content distribution channels.

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FIFA is yet to announce which actual matches will be filmed in the format, but one of them will be played on 28 June. If England come second in their group, they could play in one of the two matches on that date. It's a long shot, but then so is England's chance of making the quarter final in the first place.

Writing by Rik Henderson.