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(Pocket-lint) - LG has announced the development of its Connect SDK. This will allow developers to add simple code to their apps so users can fling video, photos and more from their mobiles straight to TV.

The potential for this platform is huge as it will allow iOS and Android users to fling pictures, videos, games and more to five different TV platforms including WebOS, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and older LG TVs. This will all operate over the local Wi-Fi network.

The Connect SDK works in a similar way to Chromecast. Users will see an icon in the top right of their mobile's screen. They can tap this to find a TV on the same network, then a further tap will fling to that screen. This works with web apps so the connection between mobile and screen uses minimal data. There's also the option to intelligently open the local app if it's on the TV, using Netflix on the TV rather than the phone where it was flung from, for example.

Controller software can be added to apps across multiple platforms. This means a trackpad for cursor on one half of the screen and a keyboard on the other half. So users can easily navigate the app and input words and numbers quickly using the keyboard section.

One available app, called Musix Match, allows users to throw music to the screen with lyrics and an album cover. This content can even be thrown to more than one device at once.

Another use is for Plex which allows users to throw media from a home network to a TV that's on the same network as a mobile – anywhere. So a user could throw a show from his home computer to a TV screen at a mate's house via his mobile.

Users of Rightmove, for example, could share the photos of houses they're browsing with other people in the room on the big screen.

The Connect SDK is just the tip of the iceberg as LG says it plans to expand the number of platforms it's compatible with. You could soon be alerted to the end of your washing machine's cycle right there on the TV, or perhaps the oven timer running down. It's another step in the direction of a completely connected home.

Why does LG want to give this away for free? Because this platform will help to encourage developers to make web apps that work with TVs. Now developers will be able to create for many TV platforms at once, easily.

Future integration of wearables and other platforms were also mentioned by LG.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.