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(Pocket-lint) - Popcorn Time, the movie and TV streaming website that uses torrents, is coming to Android in the next few days.

The legally questionable streaming site was shut down a while back but is now up and running under new management: Get-Popcorn. Not only is the app for Mac available to run but now Popcorn Time's (or is it Get-Popcorn?) creators are saying Android and PC versions are coming soon.

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The Mac app is a very simple, picture led affair. Find a film or TV show and choose a feed with the most seeds, or highest quality and hit play. It then buffers for a while before playing perfectly smoothly. It really does feel too easy.

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Popcorn Time, after being shut down before, now has as its tag line "Popcorn Time will never be taken down". Reassuring to users despite requiring no commitment from them other than the app being download.

The source code for the Android version of Popcorn Time will be available from GitHub "in just a few more days". And a new desktop version for all operating systems, including Windows is "just around the corner".

The exciting thing about an Android version of the app is that users with units connected to their TVs should be able to play torrents easier. Flinging from a mobile should be an option that will allow for big screen viewing as simply as watching Netflix, but for free.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.