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(Pocket-lint) - There's a new trailer available for Warner Brothers' The Lego Movie, and it's absolutely hilarious and original.

The Lego Movie is an upcoming computer-animated comedy starring the voices of Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson, Charlie Day, Jonah Hill, Morgan Freeman, and more. It is based on the Lego line of construction toys.

IMDB describes it as: "An ordinary Lego minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil Lego tyrant from gluing the universe together."

If that seems vague, just watch the trailer below. It features all the Lego characters talking about the movie, and the actors who provide their voices. For instance, the main character, voiced by Chris Pratt, tells viewers of the featurette: "What is The Lego Movie? Well, it's hard to tell by the title."

And those type of quips don't end there.

Morgan Freeman's character figure enthuses about the sound of the actor's "rich voice" while reading from a phonebook, and even Will Ferrell jokes about how the film's directors "scraped the bottom of the barrel" when casting Ferrell. Check it out below.

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The Lego Movie is set to release in February, with the US premiere kicking off on 7 February.

Writing by Elyse Betters.