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(Pocket-lint) - Cable connections are so last millennium. Yet even smart TVs screen mirroring from you computer still isn't universal, until Airtame.

This device, once it graduates from Indiegogo, will plug into any TV with HDMI and connect to the Wi-Fi network. Then you can throw your screen from any computer on that network. Technically you could load up a YouTube video on your Mac, go full screen, and send it to the TV - making any screen instantly smart.

While Airtame should be great for business meetings and schools as it also shares across computers, we're interested in Steam potential. With plenty of Steam Machines announced at CES the Steam gaming platform is starting to look pricey, especially for those who already have gaming PCs and just want them to connect to their TV.

Technically speaking, Airtame should be able to mirror your Steam game on to your TV, letting you play wirelessly with a controller from the comfort of your sofa. It's still early days so whether it's powerful enough to handle that is unclear. Though it has reached a stretch goal that will make it dual-core.

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The Airtame is just starting out on Indiegogo and is already all sold out. The early-bird price was $69 but all that's left now is two devices for $169. We expect more single units will be added once Airtame catches up with its own popularity.

Another exciting extra is the creation of iOS and Android apps, if it reaches its million dollar stretch goal. This could mean throwing anything from photos and videos to games from your mobile on to the big screen.

Writing by Luke Edwards.