Sony Pictures is ramping up the marketing machine for the remake of Robocop in a style reminiscent of that adopted by Fox for Prometheus. A dedicated OmniCorp website is full of excellent clips and details about the products made by the future weapons manufacturer, all presented as if it were a real company.

But the best offering on the site is OmniCorp's CES 2027 keynote speech, presenting the RC-2000 model (yes, that's Robocop to you and us).

A video has been made in the style of a real CES keynote, albeit using fancy graphics and movie scenes, which reminds us a lot of the Ted presentation made for Prometheus. It's rather cool. Oh yes.

The site will also feature a series of in-browser games that can be controlled by mouse or tablet device. There is also a free game now available for iOS and Android devices. You can find more details at (and check out the awesome return of the ED-209).

Robocop will be released on 7 February in the UK, 12 February in the US.