Sharp plans to showcase an 85-inch 8K TV at the 2014 CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, and it is capable of delivering a 3D-viewing experience...without 3D glasses.

The TV's display was developed in partnership with Philips and Dolby, but it is not the company's first 85-inch screen with Ultra High-Definition 8K resolution. Sharp debuted a UHD TV with a 7680 x 4320 pixel resolution at CES 2013 (seen above). It didn't feature glasses-free 3D technology, though.

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Sharp will unveil its 2014 line-up of 1080p and 4K Ultra HD TVs this week at CES 2014, where it will also focus on Quattron Pro. It's the second generation of Sharp's four-colour pixel technology that adds an extra yellow subpixel to RGB subpixels.

As for the 85-inch 8K glasses-free 3D TV, Sharp hasn't shared any other details yet. We're live in Las Vegas, however, so we'll be sure to publish a hands-on review as soon as we get the chance.