Winter is Chromecast.

The HBO Go app for Android, iOS and web has added Chromecast support, which means you can now watch episodes of Game of Thrones on your television by simply casting them from the HBO Go app or website.

To cast something you just need a Chromecast dongle, Wi-Fi connection and HDTV television. If you're using the HBO Go for Android or iOS app, just tap the Cast button on to send whatever your watching over Wi-Fi to your Chromecast dongle that's plugged into an HDTV.

Alternatively, you can cast using the Chrome web browser. Just make sure you have the plug-in installed, and then hit the Cast button. Voila! You're watching HBO Go content on the television. Aside from Game of Thrones, you can also get access to Boardwalk Empire, Girls and other popular TV shows and movies.

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Google said the Chromecast support should be rolling out for HBO Go's mobile and web apps over the next few days. Check out the promo video below for more details.