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(Pocket-lint) - IMAX has teamed up with Prima Cinema, which transmits current cinema releases from the likes of Paramount and Universal for home viewing.

This is exciting but it's also a disappointment in the short term for non-millionaires. It's a step towards having films at home when they come out at the cinema which is obviously a great thing. But for now it will be limited to those who have an IMAX Private Theatre installed. This installation will cost you an elitist $2 million (£1.2 million).

So while most people will be sticking to their Odeon Premiere Club Card payments for now, it's good to know IMAX is planning ahead beyond the big screen. As torrent downloads chip away at the Scrooge McDuck-like funds of Hollywood cinema prices continue to climb. While IMAX is only offering a high-end system right now it's CTO Brian Bonnick told us in a previous interview that plans to make more accessible versions could be on the cards if this proves popular.

We love the idea of a future where you can chose to watch a film at home, on the day of its release, or splash out a bit more for the full cinema experience if you wish to. Just how long that takes to come to the non-millionaires is another matter.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 28 October 2013.
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