A company called Quantum Materials is shipping "Tetrapod Quantum Dots" to Asian TV manufacturers right now. This space-age sounding material will mean brighter, higher-contrast LED TVs that are more energy efficient and cheaper to make.

This sounds like an enhancement that could create a new level of quality without the steep prices of OLED. We're not saying these will be as good, but at this stage anything is possible.

Sony previously used this technology in its Triluminous HDTVs and they weren't cheap. But that's probably due to all the other tech crammed into those screens. It may be that the likes of Samsung and LG are making a play to offer improved picture quality without the steep price associated with 4K screens. Imagine being able to buy a 4K LED TV this time next year for the same price as an LED screen costs now. And it wouldn't be the first time Samsung and LG have showed off quantum dot technology.

Of course it's all hearsay right now as all we know for sure is that the materials are being shipped. Eyes peeled for quantum dots appearing soon.