The Blu-ray Disc Association may not have announced the 4K disc just yet but a manufacturer has taken the plunge already. Disc creator Singlus has revealed that it will be one company, "that provides the machine technology for three-layer Blu-ray Discs with a storage volume of about 100GB".

The big question is, will normal Blu-ray players be able to read the discs with something as simple as a software update? It's too early to say but that could be a huge factor in growing the popularity of 4K TV fast. And with plenty of 4K screens being pushed by the likes of Samsung, Sony and LG at IFA this year all the pieces appear to be falling into place for a clearer future.

Of course there are other 4K content options like Sony's Unlimited 4K service and Netflix demoing 4K right now. But streaming will only be an option for those with a very good broadband connection.

This is a great step towards making 4K more common. And with Sky testing 4K broadcasts it's only a matter of time before 4K TVs become more popular and affordable for all.