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(Pocket-lint) - Simple.TV's DVR-focused set-top box has been updated with a series of much-desired improvements, which notably include personalised content discovery and varied playback experiences powered by Simple.TV's cloud services.

Simple.TV is a personal DVR device and platform that streams live and recorded TV programmes to web-connected devices like iPad, Roku and computers. The DVR includes a single HDTV tuner. It records to an external hard drive, enabling free HDTV on a computer, mobile device or connected TV without a cable subscription. It's not a standard DVR; it doesn't plug into a TV set. Users plug in their own hard drive and capture free-to-air broadcast TV or digital basic cable shows for viewing on connected screens.

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That said, Simple.TV announced at IFA 2013 in Berlin that it has partnered with Silicondust USA to distribute a next-generation streaming DVR device and bring broadcast OTA television to connected devices. This initiative also includes international distribution into Europe, which is possible because its new DVR features a second tuner and compatibility with international broadcast standards such as DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2 and ISDB-T.

Simple.TV's redesigned DVR features Version 2.0 of its platform, which is a new interface available to both first and second-generation DVR owners, enabling them to access personalised content, faster performance and feature updates and new mobile apps for iOS, Android, Roku and HTML-5. As mentioned earlier, DVR owners can also tap into Simple.TV's cloud services for playback of content.

There's no word on pricing for the new DVR hardware, though it should hit the US with Version 2.0 by Thanksgiving. Europeans will have to wait until next spring.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 5 September 2013.