ESPN will shut down its 3D channel by the end of 2013.

The company announced the news on Wednesday and blamed low take-up for the channel's demise. ESPN 3D is a cable television network that features 3D versions of sports events.

ESPN spokeswoman Katina Arnold confirmed on Twitter that ESPN 3D was "great at home," but the company now wants to focus on other products after "low adoption of 3D to home". 

Arnold also tweeted that ESPN will continue to experiment with Ultra High Definition television, while another spokesman toldThe Vergethat ESPN was ready to adopt 3D again if the technology "does take off".

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ESPN 3D launched in June 2010 with 3D broadcasting for the 2010 FIFA World Cup's opening contest, but ESPN began full-time broadcasting of 3D sports in early 2011.

ESPN - one of Walt Disney Company's most profitable units - also cut 300 to 400 jobs in May and closed a small Denver office. At the time, the company said the changes were to "enhance our continued growth while smartly managing costs".