Kogan has just upped the ante in the television pricing battle with a 32-inch LED Smart TV for £259. The Agora 32 runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich and, according to Kogan's website, features proper access to the Google Play Store.

This should mean a wide range of apps being available for the LED set, including the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. On top of Google Play access, the smart TV also features Wi-Fi and a USB input, for viewing photos and videos.

Unfortunately the Kogan features only a 720p display, which might explain its slightly more affordable pricing. Still, it is an edge-lit LED, so colours and picture quality should be decent enough.

At £259 the Agora 32 seems like a nice cheap second television for the kitchen or bedroom. You can opt for the even smaller 19-inch LEDs Kogan has on offer which start at just £79. 

For those interested, Kogan's full range of televisions is available only direct through its website. The Agora 32-inch smart TV is on sale now. 

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