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(Pocket-lint) - HBO has announced that its HBO Go subscribers can now stream content from their iPhone or iPad to their Apple TV over AirPlay. 

During the D:Dive Into Media conference, HBO's Eric Kessler announced the long-awaited news for subscribers. The move is a part of the company's aim to be available on all-devices on the market.

 “Our longterm goal for Go is to be on all devices all platforms. It’s already on Xbox, Roku and other devices," Kessler said.

HBO has made its HBO Go app available on the iTunes App Store for quite some time, allowing customers access to the media company's large array of streaming movies and TV shows. Now when a customer is watching content on an iOS device, they can simply press the AirPlay button to fire it up to their television.

The move is also good for Apple, because it opens up the amount of media currently available on the Apple TV, which includes Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, The Wall Street Journal, NBA and more. 

Kessler further announced that later this year an HBO Go app will be available directly on the Apple TV, doing away with the need for AirPlay.

An update to the HBO Go / Max Go apps hasn't been made available on the App Store as of yet.

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 16 April 2013.