LG has teamed up with Disney in the US to bring Disney 3D movies directly to your TV without your having to do anything other than press a button on your remote.

"LG 3D World app now offers a collection of hit movies for rental, including some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, beloved Disney Pixar animated films and classic Disney movies for the entire family," LG shouts on its website in the US.

The deal will include films from Disney Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures, with the company promoting the new partnership with a big picture of Avengers Assembled in 3D. Other titles confirmed include Brave, Toy Story 1 - 3, and Alice In Wonderland, among others.

Brave, Wreck-It Ralph, OZ: The Great and Powerful and James Cameron's Ghosts of the Abyss have all been promised to be coming soon to LG 3D World.

The new service will be available to customers with the company's LG Cinema 3D range.

The service isn't currently available in the UK.