A cushion that doubles up as a remote control for your television has arrived that will surely make calls of “Where is the blasted remote?” a thing of the past.

Red5’s Remote Control Pillow is a fully functional TV remote, enabling couch potatoes up and down the country to change channels, adjust the volume and pull up the on-screen TV guide, as well as to switch the television on and off. It's available in brown, with all the relevant numbers and icons stitched into the pillow casing.

red5 s remote control pillow must be the comfiest tv remote ever image 2

It’s certainly the comfiest TV remote control we’ve ever encountered and should ensure that pang of panic when you think you’ve lost the ability to change channels from the comfort of your sofa becomes a distant memory.

It is also something of the antithesis of the recently unveiled Logitech Harmony Touch that swaps feathered padding for a customisable touchscreen.

The Remote Control Pillow is available from RED5.co.uk now for £19.95.

Now, if only it could ring that delivery pizza chain for us as well...