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(Pocket-lint) - Daimler's urban car brand Smart is going all out to embrace technology with its latest sports utility coupé concept vehicle. Not only is the Smart Forstars electrically driven - taking its cue from the Smart fortwo Brabus with its 60kW magneto-electric motor - but it also houses a home cinema projector in the front bumper. No, really.

The firm describes its unique projection talents as a "communication concept that needs no more than a free house wall for a spontaneous cinematic experience" and allows the driver to play media on the said wall using an iPhone. The car hooks up to the device by Bluetooth, and video is streamed to the projector from the phone.

It's mad, but somehow very alluring.

A surround speaker system, with some hidden loudspeakers sitting in the ventilation openings behind the doors, provides a truly mobile movie theatre experience, not just for the passengers but for anybody around the car.

Other than that, the coupé roof is convex glass, and the whole car is finished in "Alubeam rouge", a wet-look paint that Smart says is technically complex to utilise.

The Smart Forstars' performance boasts 135 Newton metres of torque and lag-free acceleration, while its top speed is 130km/h (just over 80mph). We haven't been given the miles per charge stats for the lithium-ion battery, but we do know that it has a capacity of 17.6kWh.

Pocket-lint will be posting a hands-on with the Smart Forstars concept vehicle soon.

Smart ForspeED electric concept hands-on

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.