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(Pocket-lint) - A start-up company has developed an innovative way of transforming your television into a giant Android Ice Cream Sandwich display. The Pocket TV is a tiny piece of kit that can hook up to any HDMI TV giving you full access to Google’s platform. 

Once plugged into the TV, users will be able to download apps from the Google Play store, just as you would on an Android smartphone or tablet. Any photos, music or videos you have stored in the cloud or SD card (there is also 1GB of onboard RAM) can be displayed on your TV or monitor, with video being streamed in 1080p.

pocket tv will turn your television into a giant android ice cream sandwich display image 2

Content can be controlled via a standard IR remote control or customers can opt for the slightly more expensive Air Remote that uses a gyroscopic sensor to command the device depending on hand gestures. Failing that, users can also download the Google Remote TV app to their iOS or Android device and control the Pocket TV that way.

The Pocket TV is the product of a start-up company called Infinitec. Having already reached its target investment it is now inviting potential customers to pre-order the device via www.kickstarter.com for a reduced rate (until 9 July) starting at $99 compared to the regular starting price of $160.

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Writing by Danny Brogan. Originally published on 16 April 2013.