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(Pocket-lint) - Aaron Sorking, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of The Social Network and Moneyball, has been signed by Sony Pictures to adapt Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs. The book has sold more than 2.25 million copies since its publication in November 2011, and Sorkin has long been rumoured to be the man targeted by the studio to handle its big-screen version.

As well as adapting Ben Mezrich's story of Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook and that of baseball coach Billy Beane, Sorkin also wrote the screenplays for A Few Good Men, Charlie Wilson's War and TV series The West Wing, a show on which he was also credited as executive producer.

The Sony Pictures version of the late Apple CEO's story is a rival movie to Jobs: Get Inspired, the indie flick currently being shot with Aston Kutcher in the lead role. It is not expected to hit the screen until 2013 and there have been no announcements about casting or directors.

If you can't wait for either film to be released, you can always check out the 1999 effort, Pirates of Silicon Valley, which never made it to the UK, but may be found on region 1 or Spanish region 2 DVD (which has the original English soundtrack) on eBay.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.