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(Pocket-lint) - Channel 4 is to launch a new catch-up TV service known as 4seven, the schedules being determined by those programmes that make the most "noise" online. 

Turning to the likes of Twitter and Facebook, Channel 4 will decide which programmes will populate the schedules for 4seven, based on the discussions and conversations that evolve out of them on social media, through bloggers, comments and direct feedback. 

"4seven will give viewers more chances to catch the most popular and talked about Channel 4 shows from the last seven days," said David Abraham, chief executive of Channel 4, speaking at the FT Digital Media Conference in London. 

So rather than witnessing a stream of consciousness on Twitter and missing all the action yourself, those popular programmes will find their way into 4seven's schedules, perfect for catching hit shows like Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.

“[4seven] will schedule the main channel content that is creating noise - among social media, bloggers, commentators and of course via contact our viewers have directly with us - and incorporate this buzz into the look and feel of the channel," Abraham said. 

The new channel is scheduled to launch later in 2012 across all platforms and give those who don't have existing C4 catch-up services or a PVR the chance to see programmes they miss.

Image credit: @Tim

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.