It was supposed to be 3D making all the big waves in the modern TV market but, according to figures released by John Lewis, the big area of growth - at least for its demographic - is web-connected, or smart, TVs.

This is perhaps not surprising as John Lewis only really stocks mid-high end sets, of which most normally come with some form of web-connectivity, but it does tell us one thing: the middle classes are getting clever with their telly-boxes.

John Kempner, buyer for vision at John Lewis said: "Smart televisions are an exciting development and we are seeing a shift in the way our customers consume the media.

"60 per cent of all our large screen TV sales over 32 inches are now internet enabled and I expect that by Christmas we will see this figure increase to 80 per cent as customers become interactive and enjoy creating their own TV schedules of favourite programmes, such as Strictly Come Dancing, Dragon’s Den and Question Time."

We're not sure why Kempner names those three TV shows in particular, other programming is available.

We're also not sure why he highlighted the use of the iPlayer. Everyone knows that the most used feature on a web connected TV is drunken singalongs with the big screen YouTube and your home cinema speakers creating a makeshift karaoke bar in your living room.

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