What has been see can never be unseen. So, forever more, 1080p HD TV will look rubbish in Pocket-lint's eyes after getting up close (and far away too, for the full effect) with the world’s first Super Hi-Vision capable LCD display - dubbed simply Sharp 8K4K - over at IFA.

This is an 85-inch monster with a resolution of 7680x4320. That's around 33 million pixels - 16 times more than your Full HD TV boasts (1080p is 1920x1080). It has a luminance of 300cd/m squared and you're looking at a graduation of 10 bits for each RGB.

If you don't really understand the technicalities, let us make it simple for you. This TV has a picture so crisp that you'll almost feel like you've got Superman's vision when watching it.

One of the demo videos on show on the 8K4K, for example, was an aerial shot of a city in action. On the street you could clearly see individual cars and people walking around. Another showed a Japanese lady walking along a path. To her right you could make out individual drops of water from a waterfall and behind her, in the distance, was a butterfly going about its business and, when standing close, you could see even the pattern on its wings.

sharp 8k4k lcd tv eyes on image 2

Of course, that was only possible when standing really near to the TV - and then you lost the overall picture - but it was still darn impressive nonetheless. Stepping back from the TV (around 10-15 feet we found was the optimum distance) and the picture could be appreciated as a whole, and how you'd watch it in your living room. From this distance, the picture has an almost 3D feel, such is the depth and the clarity.

And if the picture quality for Super Hi-Vision isn't enough to wow you, then take note that Sharp, in partnership with NHK, plans to launch it with 22.2 surround sound.

No release details as of yet - but we expect big updates on this tech from Sharp and its rivals at CES in January. 3D might not be the future after all, super clear HD may win out in the end.

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