Channel 4 has announced that you can now get its 4oD service on the iPhone, thanks to the launch of a new app on Friday after months of waiting. 

The new 4oD CatchUp app will now let iPhone owners as well as iPad users view Channel 4’s catch-up TV service wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection, but alas not over a 3G connection.

"Thanks to the iPhone’s 'Retina' display, the quality of the video image was never going to be a problem," says Peter Dolukhanov, the MD of Nice Agency, the developer who has made the app. "The screen size did, however, pose the challenge of how to transfer the look and feel of the iPad and desktop experience to the iPhone’s 3.5-inch display, while ensuring that the app is quick and easy to navigate."

New to the iPhone offering is a new search function that allows users to easily navigate the vast amounts of content available on 4oD, enabling users to find the programmes they enjoy.

The new search feature also makes its debut on the iPad app.