Loewe, the uber premium television manufacturer, has gone and slapped 3D technology onto its Art and Connect family screens.

The new Loewe Art 40 3D, Connect 40 3D and Art 46 3D all use active 3D glasses and sync via the rather evil sounding "Loewe eye" infrared transmitter below the display. 2D content can also be converted into three dimensions via special algorithms written by Loewe. Integrated DR+ hard disks can also record both 3D and 2D content for you to watch later.

The Loewe Connect televisions are the German manufacturers take on smart TV. The MediaNet and MediaPortal allow you to manage online content and multimedia directly from the television as well as surf the net from your screen.

Loewe Art displays are more design-centric, aimed at looking pretty in the living room. Spec-wise they still pack a punch however, with some managing up to 200Hz picture and all featuring edge LED backlighting. 

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