When we say blow up your iPhone, what we actually mean is enlarge its screen by 70 inches and project it onto a wall. 

The Optoma pk120 is the latest pocket-sized pico projector to feature iPhone, iPad and iPod touch support. It also comes complete with 2GB of internal memory and a SD card slot capable of taking up to 32GB of memory. 

This means you can stick movies and video straight onto the device, carry it around to a friends and then project it straight onto a wall, a bit like having an instant home cinema. 

Word of warning however, the pk120 can only manage 1.5 hours of battery life, so expect to carry a charger if you are planning on watching an epic. 

The pk120 itself is small and lightweight at 145g and 60 x 117 x 21mm in size. There is a VGA, universal AV and USB input which you can use to run media through the projector. Also included is a tiny set of built in 0.5W speakers for sound. Those not so keen on the pk120's graphite colour can take advantage of the two included Express-on covers. 

We don't, unfortunately, have a brightness rating for the pk120, although we do know it has a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

Expect to pay around £179.99 for the pk120, which is available now.

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