A DVD screener of Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams' Super 8 has started to appear on the 'net, which may not come as a surprise to many. However, what does is that the ripped pirate version of the film, seems to have the name of the source stamped all over it; and that name's Howard Stern.

As well as feature the watermark "(c) 2011 Paramount Pictures" at the bottom throughout, as is traditional with screener copies sent to reviewers, the US radio DJ's name is stamped in the top right-hand corner, suggesting that the original DVD source was supplied to "H Stern".

super 8 pirate rip traced back to howard stern  image 2

Naturally, this could be an elaborate prank made by whoever encoded the illegal copy - it's not hard to add a watermark using computer editing software and re-encoding the film, but BitTorrent specialist site TorrentFreak wonders why, if this is the case, a clean, non-Sterned version isn't available.

It is also unlike pirate release groups to do such a thing, they are usually very eager to be the first to get a high quality (DVD or Blu-ray) copy onto the 'net. And they often mask or crop out any watermark.

Of course, it could even be a totally different "H Stern", although his stylist, Ralph Cirella (who goes by the Twitter name @mygeektime) has tweeted a strong indication that it is, indeed, the famous one - he also denies any involvement: "HA, NO but ive been hearing about it #nomorescreenersforhowie RT@GusIsGrumpy you leak Howard's copy of Super 8? It's all over the internet!"

"If you think HOWARD gave me a watermarked copy of SUPER-8 and i proceeded to copy and upload it your CLEARLY a COMPLETE FUCKING IDIOT", he tweeted further.