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(Pocket-lint) - 3D Blu-ray has had an inauspicious start. Launch titles exclusively tied to consumer electronics manufacturers and kit bundles, a (minor) format war on which technology works best - passive or active, and a general lack of content have all attributed to a painfully slow uptake for 3D in the home.

Worse still, it seems that, in some cases, TV manufacturers have shifted focus on to the connected/Smart TV message rather than 3D in marketing and advertising.

However, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment remains bullish over the future of the technology, as head honchos from the studio exclusively told Pocket-lint: "I've worked on this for about eight years," says Danny Kaye, executive vice president, Global Research & Technology Strategy at Fox.

"3D rushed onto the scene with lots of different technologies. Every early adopter said 'fantastic, I'll do this', and I think that we all expected that overnight it should become this huge mass-market opportunity - because of the success of films like Avatar in the theatre. But, it actually takes time to develop. You need to convince people that they need to see it to appreciate it. And it's really not been that long. It's been a little over a year since it came to market.

"It's doing pretty well. There's several dozen movies - soon to be over 100. In a brief, short year, the technology has already improved, with second and third generation glasses. LCD is beginning to improve for the 3D experience. Plasma is now in its fifth generation of 3D. And the movies are improving all the time as people learn."

Robert Price, Fox Home Entertainment's UK managing director agrees: "I think that it's being pushed pretty aggressively," he says. "There's about 25 titles in the UK market. I think it's been launched pretty successfully.

"The numbers are quite small, but the number of panels out there that are 3D capable are growing fast, so I think it is getting traction."

What do you think? Will 3D Blu-ray be a success? Do you have a 3D TV and are you happy with the quantity of content that's available? Let us know in the comments below...

Pic credit: Fox executives (from left) Vincent Marcais, Danny Kaye and Robert Price.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.
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