The Boxee Box, fresh from the major boost of a native BBC iPlayer app, is also in line for some Slingbox based action, with a SlingPlayer app on its way for the web based box of fun.

Boxee showed off the app in action over at the gdgt event in NYC, a month or so after Sling showed off its Google TV platform. Anything you can do.....

The UI is similar to the SlingPlayer mobile apps (you can Sling your media to iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, webOS and BlackBerry devices already) and will presumably require a a Slingbox Solo or a Slingbox Pro-HD to function as per these platforms.

A public beta period will land in July during which access to the app will be free. When it goes stable, it will cost however - currently the mobile SlingPlayer apps cost between £17.99 and £19.99, so we'd expect something around that mark for the Boxee Box version too.

In the meantime, check out our Boxee Box review

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