Pioneer has detailed its two newest home cinema systems - the HTP-SLH500 and the HTP-SLH600 - which both boast a new slimline AV receiver.

The receiver in question is the VSX-S300, which comes with both packages and still packs a plethora of options and features dispute its skinny frame.

It has four 3D ready HDMI inputs, Pioneer's Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) tech, Quality Class D sound, and also boasts DTS-HD Master Audio as well as Dolby True HD.

Plus it's got Bluetooth technology so you can beam your tunes straight over to it without having to wire up, or dock your iDevice.

Both units also feature "Sound Wing" speakers with HVT technology (Horizontal-Vertical-Transforming), which allows for 360 degree sound from a much thinner frame. The SLH600 comes with a multi-speaker integrated bar and the HTP-SLH500 package goes down the satellite road.

The HTP-SLH500 and HTP-SLH600 will be available from July 2011 onwards, priced at £699.99 and £749.95 respectively.

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