They may be the scariest foes The Doctor has to face, and see you grabbing for a pillow to hide behind every time they're on screen (even though you're in your mid-30s), but admit it, you still want a Dalek to call your own. And now you can, as long as you've got three large ones.

Although the Daleks are being given a rest from the current series of Doctor Who as "they are the most reliably defeatable enemies in the universe" (according to show runner, Stephen Moffat), Firebox is selling full-size hand-crafted replicas for £3,000 a pop. But, for that, you get to choose which type you want, from a range of classic colour schemes.

Thankfully though, that doesn't include the monstrosities that are the modern, remodelled, multi-coloured upside-down pepperpots that can only have been the creation of a salivating BBC marketing and licensing department.

The ones on offer are genuine, bone fide, oldy-schooly Daleks with plungers and that. And while you can't sit in one, it'll still send shivers up the spine of a kiddy. For them, there's always the ride-in Kids@Play versions.

For the rest of us, Firebox's replicas are truly objects of geek beauty.