If you've updated to Boxee Box software 1.1 and been royally cheesed off that your speaker system no longer relays any audio from your web-TV device, then we have good news - for Boxee's VP of marketing, Andrew Kippen has told Pocket-lint that a fix is on its way.

"One of the things that we had noticed is that volume control was kind of inconsistent across a variety of different apps, specifically HTML5 applications," he said.

"So we took volume control out of this version and subsequently we heard that some users are pretty passionate about that feature - so we're going to be re-enabling that in the next version.

"By default it will be turned off and you'll use your TV or AV receiver remote to control volume, but for people who want it - like some users attached directly to speakers - you'll be able to turn that setting back on to control your volume."

Boxee Box version 1.1 is available to download now, we'll let you know as soon as the volume patch lands.

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